Imatra has yielded a lot of lyrics for a city so small.  However, it is time we got one more – lyrics for a song to honour the city’s 70th anniversary. The competition is open for everybody, regardless of age, gender or language. The lyrics may be suited for a pop, rock, hip hop, schlager / adult pop song or any other genre.

In addition to this there will be a “battle of bars”, namely a Lyrics Contest between Pub Vahti, Imatra Startti pub (Wanha mestari) and Bar Kenguru. All contestants to these “battles” are automatically also contestants of the local competition for the best Imatra lyrics. The best lyrics submitted in the “battle of bars” will be rewarded by special prize – a gourmet dinner cooked by a top chef for all participants. Anyone can participate in this battle by dropping their lyrics in the boxes in the bar of their choice.

Lyrics Workshops will be organised in the pubs named above during autumn 2018.  All are welcome to participate and work on their lyrics or just to listen to the professionals’ tips about how to start writing lyrics. The instructors in the pubs are local musicians/actors. The dates will be announced in August 2018. The winners will be chosen by the band Osmo’s Cosmos together with the musician Harri Saksala.

The first 100 contestants may ask for comments on their texts prior to submitting them to the contest. In order to receive comments, the text ought to be sent to no later than 30thOctober, 2018. The contestant ought to write “Lyrics contest” on the subject line. It is not necessary to attach the author’s contact information to the lyrics that have been sent in for comments.

For more info check rules.

Additional info: Sarianna Purtilo ( or Arto Lindholm (