Project info

Sanoittamalla kaupunginomistajaksi is a project led by HUMAK University of Applied Sciences. It is executed in close cooperation with cities of Imatra, Riihimäki and Turku, Rock Academy Finland and (in Turku) Kirjan talo – Bokens hus ry. It receives financial support from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

What is a lyrics workshop?

Last year, lyrics workshops were tested for the first time. A suburbs lyrics contest was arranged, and the lyrics workshops arranged in connection with it exceeded all expectations. Especially the number of song texts that participated in the contest totally surprised the organizers: the texts totaled more than 300, and there were over 200 writers. Many contestants participated with more than just one song. The name of the lyrics workshops was biisihautomo, and they were arranged in the suburbs: in pubs, libraries, youth centers as well as in church halls and the facilities of unemployed people’s organizations. The message from last year’s contest was clear: these workshops should be arranged in such facilities where people will come anyway – not only as invited guests or registered participants.

Also this year, lyrics workshops will be arranged in pubs, among other places, because, quite surprisingly, they function best as platforms for inspiring and encouraging people. Workshops will also be carried out in shopping centers and city courtyards – all in all, in places people tend to visit briefly but not stay at, at least not to write. This year’s novelty are online lyrics workshops, which help to broaden the concept to a national level.

Additional information:

Antti Pelttari, project manager