City Song Lyrics Contest – Rules

The City Song Lyrics Contest is arranged by Humak University of Applied Sciences. The contest will be opened on the 1st of August, 2018, at 00:00 a.m. and closed on the 30th of November at 12 p.m. (midnight).

  1. The contest includes four series: 1) the National Series 2) Imatra Series 3) Turku Series and 4) Riihimäki Series. In each series, a winner text is selected, and, depending on the series, it will be nominated the City Song Lyrics of the Year, the 70 the Anniversary Song of Imatra, the City Song of Turku, or, the City Song of Riihimäki. The contestants may, regardless of their place of residence, participate in any series they like with as many texts they like, though each lyric can only participate in one series.
  2. In addition to this there will be a lyrics contest between three pubs: Pub Vahti, Imatra Startti pub (Wanha mestari) and Bar Kenguru. All contestants in this contest will also be participating in the Imatra Series.
  3. The winner lyrics will be composed into a song and performed at an appropriate event, e.g. a city festival.
  4. The winner of Imatra Series will get two VIP tickets to Imatran Ajot Race 2019 and other cities will award the winners with similar kind of event tickets. Should, for some reason, these events not take place, the winners will receive other prices equivalent to them. Five next best texts will receive diplomas with honourable mentions in connection with the prize-giving ceremonies.
  5. The contestants are not required to have any previous experience in writing song lyrics.
  6. The texts ought to be sent through the web link which is available here and on website
  7. The first 100 contestants may ask for comments on their texts: in order to receive comments, the text ought to be sent to no later than 30thOctober, 2018. The contestant ought to write “Lyrics contest” on the subject line. It is not necessary to attach the author’s contact information to the lyrics that have been sent in for comments.
  8. One may participate with a pseudonym; in this case, the author’s name will be kept confidential by the organizers.
  9. The contestants will be asked to give demographic background information. This information will only be handled as percentage distributions so the background information cannot be traced back and connected to any individual contestant.
  10. The author’s pseudonym and contact information must also be mentioned in the actual song lyrics document.
  11. The song lyrics are to be written either in Finnish, Swedish or English. They must be authored by the contestants themselves, and they may not have been published before in any media. One may participate in the contest in other languages, as well, but in this case Finnish translation has to be attached to the lyrics.
  12. The participants will give both Humak and the cities involved in the competition permission to publish those song lyrics that received a prize or honorable mention in social media, in their web pages and in their announcements and media releases. The author has the copyright to the song lyrics. The commercial use of the lyrics is negotiated separately with the author, if necessary.
  13. The performer (artist, band etc.) is entitled to revise the song lyrics to make them singable.
  14. The winner text is selected by a jury that consists of Musician Harri Saksala. In each series, there will also be a local jury assisting him. In Turku, Riihimäki and Imatra, the jury consists of local professional musicians. In the National Series, the jury consists of the leaders of the lyrics workshops.
  15. The theme of the song lyrics contest is describing urban life in one’s own words. It is not necessary to mention any particular city/town or its district/neighborhood, nor does the text need to include any hints or place names that would help recognize the area. In other words, the lyrics may also describe a memory related to a feeling, taste, scent etc., an experience or an inner landscape related to a city, town, district or suburb.
  16. To support the lyrics writing process, lyrics workshops will be arranged. The workshops will be open for all. There, it is possible to draft and refine one’s texts and to receive useful hints on how to write song lyrics. Workshops will be arranged in the cities involved and online. More detailed information about the places, dates and times will be published in
  17. Further information about the contest in general and national contest in particular: Mr Antti Pelttari, Imatra Series: sarianna.purtilo@imatra.fiTurku Series: